Multitasking 101

The ability to multitask is a skill I fine tuned shortly after Lilli was born.  At any given moment I can be transfixed on an art project with a dashing toddler,  cooking dinner, drying dishes, and starting a load of laundry all while having a conversation with my husband about the days events.  In respect to this blog post- I find myself at work, waiting for an email blast to go thru and hoping for some arrival information on our next container all of which is made more exciting with a sick 35 pound toddler on my lap,with an eye on Peppa Pig.  At any moment the phone might ring, a customer might need help or like to make a purchase… times!  But I’m not complaining-I wouldn’t trade any of it for anything…even a babysitter.
So while I have a moment I would like to announce some Water Street news…
 *of equal or lesser value of course
*does not include items already marked down, custom orders, or accessories
Sale prices valid Now thru December 31, 2012
I am also excited to announce the arrival of our next container….scheduled for this week.  BUT, there is a strike at the dock so we are patiently waiting for some positive information from our trucker.  We are crossing our fingers for a Wednesday arrival.  If you plan on taking a special trip to see our new products-give us a call to confirm that the container did in fact arrive!   This is a great load of over 300 items……Recycled teak tables, recycled teak sideboards and bookcases and lots of unique industrial style furniture.
Thanksgiving is just a couple days away…..we are all looking forward to a day of rest, family and food.  What are you thankful for?
Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Water Street.  Enjoy your day with those you love and thank you for your continued business.
Terry, Chris, Kevin, Kelly, Cruz & Lilliana